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Our PRINTcess

PRINTcess (Printcessing Printing) automated printing service provides pre-printing configuration online and documents collection at any PRINTcess 24-hr service printer upon scanning. Our system is designed to get rid of tedious and time-consuming traditional printing process and provide users an innovative and automated printing experience.

PRINTcess programme allows you to:

  • Generate price quotation of documents before printing, allowing user to compare the printing cost of different printing layout configuration
  • Manage your personal time better by setting your documents' printing layout in advanced, then scan and collect them any PRINTcess service printer.
  • Print all your documents in constant charging rate that is always below market price, including colour printing!

Why Do We Exist?


Evolution of traditional printing method

We want to provide an efficient and effective printing method to the community. Printing notes and documents are no longer a burden to our users.


Creating a productive community

We understand and we want our users not to be worried about the availability of printing shops and services, especially at times of hurry such as submission due date. Your precious time can be managed. Our services are accessible by our users at anytime and anywhere.


Improving the printing service

We provide quality printing services at standardized and affordable printing cost. Everyone can experience this next-level of printing service.